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Website/APP  Testing

Web testing is the process of validating the website or mob app to find out any potential bugs. Adequate testing should be carried out on your website/app before it goes live for the end-users, to avoid the below three situations.

  1. Dissatisfied customers.

  2. Financial loss to you.

  3. Possible damage to your brand image.

Testing activities on your website

  • Write the effective test cases if required, on the system functionality.

  • Optimize the test cases if needed, using OA (Orthogonal Array) testing approach.

  • Perform functional and usability tests on your website in an effective manner to find out potential defects.

  • Perform testing on Windows 10 Pro laptop/desktop and Android mobile devices. If required on iOS as well.

  • Provide defect report (with complete details), the annotated screenshot of the defects.

  • Run the website on speed insight tools and report potential performance issues if any.

  • Provide potential keywords to improve your website content and thus boosting SEO.

What do we need from you?

  • Requirement Specification Documents (Optional).

Provide a great experience to your customers!

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